Tomorrow Doesn’t Count

  • Let me start this off with the full disclosure that tomorrow certainly has a significant place for us all. The promise of tomorrow can be the very light to guide us out of the darkness, in our moment of need.
Tomorrow Doesn’t Count
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Let me start this off with the full disclosure that tomorrow certainly has a significant place for us all. The promise of tomorrow can be the very light to guide us out of the darkness, in our moment of need. However, when it comes to taking the steps to get us to that sweet promise held by tomorrow, we must take those steps today

When it comes time to do what it takes so you can reap the rewards of your actions, tomorrow doesn’t count. When it comes time for you to focus on the creation of a new business and all the activities that are a part of it, tomorrow doesn’t count. When it comes to making healthy choices in your life so you can feel and be at your best, tomorrow doesn’t count. When it comes to connecting with loved ones, or to creating the life and lifestyle you truly want, then it really is all about today.  

It is important to understand that tomorrow will always reflect what you did or didn’t do today. I can personally attest to the fact that after shifting my focus from building business to taking care of family—which I did both consciously and out of necessity— the reality I’m living right now is a direct result of that shift, whether I like it or not. Of course, I couldn’t have imagined being taken out by a car wreck, but these things do happen, and it makes the reality of today and all of our choices that much more important.  

What you or I do, or don’t do today, will trickle into tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and the day after that until the trickle has become a waterfall the size of Niagara. This could be awesome for you, or, it may be a nightmare depending on what was trickling into the waterfall.  

Let’s be honest for a moment and admit that none of us are doing everything we know we ought to do, every day, in order to move forward. Life happens and things get in the way, and for the entrepreneur this also includes fear and fatigue, doubt and stress.  

Let’s also be even more daring and admit there are things none of us want to do. The temptation is to leave these things to the last minute or simply to ignore them. We should look at the trickle effect this can create in order to gain a full comprehension of how this will show up down the road.  

For the purpose of this article and for the promise of what tomorrow could hold for you, I invite you to consider that tomorrow doesn’t count when it comes to getting what needs to be done today, done. Let me also in closing, address the potential pitfalls of this mindset, so it will become something that works for you instead of against you. 

First: be sure that what you are taking on every day (because tomorrow doesn’t count) is actually attainable. Way too many items on your to do list will derail you. Here is the recommendation. Three significant actions on your to do list every day, is doable. View your week, set your three significant objectives or goals for the week and your three actions per day to get you there. Make sure these are related to business. Running to the market to pick up milk does not qualify.  

Second: specific and measurable matter! All this really means is that you can take a tangible action and ultimately see tangible results. Many results may not be immediate, but they are track-able.  

Third: know what you want and check in often. This should probably be the first one on the list, but sometimes when it’s first, it tends for be ignored. This is absolutely important because if you are inspired you will show up, even when things go wrong. If you aren’t inspired, you’ll certainly not show up.  

Fourth: build a team as soon as possible. There are things you won’t enjoy and things you won’t be good at. There are super stars in the virtual universe that will be happy to work one hour a week for you if needed and I highly recommend you allocate the funds for this as able and as soon as possible. Your time is way more valuable doing what you enjoy and/or are good at.  

Fifth: be honest and make changes accordingly. Always be honest with yourself. Examine what does and doesn’t work and decide what needs to be changed. This is essential! By keeping track of things this way, you place yourself in the most powerful position; you put yourself in charge.  

Final suggestion: work with someone who will assist you in showing up for yourself and gaining the momentum you deserve. You are capable of more than you know. 

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