U.S. Veteran Anitra Lane Reveals What Entrepreneurs Need to Succeed

U.S. Veteran Anitra Lane Reveals What Entrepreneurs Need to Succeed
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Today’s businesses need automation to succeed, allowing them to use technologies to produce and deliver goods and services with little or no human intervention. Automation eliminates waste and saves time and reduces the number of people required to perform the same function. It can equally help to identify points of inefficiency and delays.  

Regrettably, some entrepreneurs are unaware of the availability of the right automation systems for their businesses’ smooth running. In contrast, others lack the technical know-how to be able to navigate the control of these systems.  

U.S. veteran-turned-IT expert Anitra Lane acknowledges these problems faced by entrepreneurs and now wants to help them. She says that many entrepreneurs find themselves having real trouble navigating things that come easy to her, like some software, or “just an email sequence that they need to send value. Now, you get your customers, and they come in, and they sign up for all of these things, and then you don’t know what to do with them afterward. Or once you learn what to do with them, you can’t navigate the software from the various companies.”  

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Although there are lots of video tutorials out there, she continues, some people still need that personal touch to be able to control these systems so they can be acclimated entirely with them and be more productive in order to free up some more time for them and gain the profit that they’re looking for. That’s the reason why she set up Ackiss Virtual Management, LLC, “an online service for entrepreneurs who’re having a hard time with technology” so she can teach them how to use the right automation systems to increase their business productivity and profits and be able to navigate them.  

A retired U.S. servicewoman and a tech lover with over 25 years of experience in business administration and information technology, Anitra calls herself a “thriver” of military sexual trauma because she was able to put her issue of rape behind herself and move on with her life.   

To help rape victims like herself find their feet again, she founded the Unmasked Warrior Project, a safe online place where she strives to help military sexual trauma victims become “thrivers” and live the life that they deserve to have.   

Anitra advises other women that have been thrust into that same situation to “dig deep” and reach out spiritually to take the courage and the steps needed to get help because that was what she did, adding that it’s not easy, though. “I had to get help. I knew that, and so I did get therapy. Was it easy? Absolutely not, because it does take a level of courage. Because once you identify that you need help, that’s one part of it. But going to get help is the other part of it. And so when you’re at that stage, you’ll know, and I encourage people to go get help, go to therapy,” she says.   

According to Anitra, there are various ways of therapy now, and there’s a holistic therapy. She urges victims to look for natural pathways and talk about their problems because what she learned was the more, she spoke about it, the more comfortable they became, and she lived it so that she could share it. And that story is what she continues to share today in her online community, the Unmasked Warrior Project, which is “specifically for military sexual trauma women so that they can go through the stages of being a victim to being a survivor and then to a thriver. “I want you to take the mask off, and when you smile, it’s a smile that’s so deep that it radiates, yes, from you so that it’s not that same smiling,” she promises.  

When she’s in between working with “thrivers,” she’s doing what she loves the most–working in her passion as a lover of technology–and helping entrepreneurs learn how to use online software programs and online resources to automate their business processes. 

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So, what’s next for Anitra? Anitra loves helping people look at their business from an automated standpoint, so they can focus on the big picture–their business specialty–while she takes care of the important little details behind the scenes, spending time analyzing and breaking down tasks into smaller manageable items.   

She helps businesses create sales funnels, social media management, and online program management. As a virtual manager, she works remotely to make sure her clients succeed. She also works “one-on-one with entrepreneurs” and walks them through the different systems they have so they can be completely acclimated with them and “be more productive, free up some more time for them and gain the profit that they’re looking for.”  

Anitra’s Five Tips on How to Survive in Difficult Times  

Sometimes, people experience depression, deaths, health issues, breakups, rejections, and so on. While it may be easy for some to pull through, others can’t, probably because of one reason or the other. Anitra now gives the following five tips to help you thrive through hard times:  

  1. Talk to Someone: When you’re going through difficult times, you tend to shut everyone off and go into your little hole. But when you confide in someone and engage in trust and open communication, you give room for a respected, mutual, and honest relationship. “Well, for me, that trauma caused me to put on a mask…I had a brick wall up. But unless I told you, you would never know,” Anitra says.  
  2. Keep the Big Picture in Mind: Although difficult times can be quite challenging, you shouldn’t see it as an end in itself but as a phase of life that will eventually come to an end, paving the way for a new chapter.  
  3. Define Your Success: To thrive in difficult times, you need to redefine what success means to fit your new situation.  
  4. Recall Your Priorities: Know what your priorities are and try as much as possible to remember them so you can give them the needed attention. Top in your list may be taking good care of your health, eating clean, and exercising.  
  5. Practice Compassion and Self-care: Try to put yourself in the shoes of someone else going through difficult times, and then talk to yourself as you would to the person. Also, do those little things you usually find fun doing, such as going for a walk, watching a movie, or taking a nap. 
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