Wendy Preyssler: Unleashing the Power of Executives to Propel Careers and Maximize Impact

Wendy Preyssler: Unleashing the Power of Executives to Propel Careers and Maximize Impact

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing business world, executives and leaders are constantly faced with new challenges and opportunities. To succeed in this environment, they need to be equipped with the necessary skills and tools to navigate through complex situations and build impactful relationships. Wendy Preyssler is a Master Certified Coach who has helped hundreds of individuals achieve their career goals and develop cohesive teams. With over a decade of experience as an executive in global strategy and development, Wendy brings a unique perspective to coaching. Her coaching practice is built on a foundation of authenticity, honesty, and emotional intelligence, and she is committed to empowering leaders to accelerate their careers and achieve their potential.   

Journey of Discovering and Embracing Coaching  

Wendy's journey to becoming a Master Certified Coach was not a straightforward one. While directing North American Channel Sales for a data communications firm, she discovered the incredible results that were possible in working with a coach. This experience inspired her to become a certified coach and build a part-time coaching practice while still enjoying her career. However, when Wendy's 95-year-old grandmother, who was living with her, required more time and attention, she shifted her focus to caring for her grandmother.  

After her grandmother passed away, Wendy felt a strong desire to make a difference in people's lives daily, just as she had for her grandmother. This led her to take the logical next step and become a full-time coach. Her coaching practice had naturally shifted to executive and leadership coaching, given her experience as a Global Strategic Alliance Director in a Fortune 100 firm.  

Empowering Leaders to Achieve Their Potential  

Wendy is passionate about empowering leaders to accelerate their careers and achieve their potential. Through her coaching practice, she has helped transform the lives of hundreds of individuals and develop cohesive and effective teams. Her services include individual executive and leadership coaching, individual and team leadership circle assessments, and executive and board retreats.  

Wendy's executive and leadership coaching is designed to help her clients obtain essential skills to communicate effectively and build impactful business relationships. She approaches coaching with the goal of opening up new possibilities for her clients so they can achieve their objectives with power, velocity, and ease.  

With each client, Wendy and her client define the objectives, the intended outcomes of each objective, and how they will measure success. They then design a project around each goal, which allows for new perspectives on how to approach it. In each coaching session, Wendy's client shows up with a specific request for coaching, and she supports them in determining the specific measurable outcome required for it to be a successful session.  

Each coaching session is uniquely customized to what each client needs to resolve to accomplish their goals. Wendy's coaching approach is designed to help her clients achieve their potential and transform their lives personally and professionally. " I am on a mission to support leaders in bringing emotional intelligence and authenticity to everything they do, leaving the world better than they found it," said Wendy. Through her coaching, Wendy is empowering leaders to succeed and positively impact the world.  

Guiding High-Level Leaders to Success  

Wendy's experience as an executive has given her unique insights into the challenges faced by those in high-level positions. In her words, "I provide my clients the opportunity to have a confidential sounding board with no judgement. My support allows my clients to know that they are not alone. During our sessions, they gain new awareness and insights ensuring they will be in action to overcome each challenge that they face as they achieve their goals".  

For those considering working with a coach for the first time, Wendy advises them to make sure the coach is credentialed by the International Coaching Federation. She also suggests having a chemistry session with one to three coaches to ensure a good fit for both the client and the coach.  

While coaching is an unregulated industry, Wendy believes in the value of training and credentials. She received the distinction of Master Certified Coach, the highest credential level available from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). This credential is based on a coach's skill level, the number of clients coached, and cumulative hours of coaching experience. For anyone coaching corporate clients, having a credential is crucial, as corporations have become much savvier regarding the value of credentialed coaches. Wendy's journey to becoming a Master Certified Coach is a testament to her dedication to helping others achieve their full potential.  

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