What is Dropbox Paper and How to Use it for Your Business 

What is Dropbox Paper and How to Use it for Your Business 

Dropbox Paper is a business-focused collaboration tool launched by Dropbox. Dropbox Paper takes care of the collaborative requirements of enterprises or business organizations. It is available on iOS and Android and can also be used as a web app on browsers. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at Dropbox Paper and how to use Dropbox Paper for business purposes.  

What is Dropbox Paper? 

Dropbox Paper is an online workspace that allows you to create content. Additionally, you can use it to organize files, texts, images, and videos collaboratively. It lets you work on the same document alongside the other members of your team. There are several Drop-box Paper templates that will make your office work easier. Since it supports multiple file formats, you can store Word and Excel files alongside files generated by Google Sheets and Google Docs. However, it is not a standalone product. You will need a Drop box account to use it.  

From creating notes to to-do lists, Drop box Paper allows you to work in a collaborative environment where you can assign tasks to team members. You can also sync it with Google Calendar and share notes automatically on the scheduled dates. It also has a chat room where you can stay in touch with your team when working on a similar project.  

The Benefits of Dropbox Paper 

Let us look at some of the other benefits of Dropbox Paper: 


If you have a Dropbox account, you are all set for Drop box Paper. Even the accounts that are free can access this tool. 

Share and Collaborate 

Apart from simplifying the process of sharing ideas, to-do lists, and strategies, there are several collaborative activities for which you can use Drop-box Paper. You can invite other team members to the document, share it via e-mail, comment on specific areas of the document, use the Drop box Paper templates, etc.  

Save Directly to Dropbox 

Since every document that you generate inside Dropbox paper is automatically saved to Dropbox, there is no need to copy, paste or re-upload.   

Can Be Operated from a Mobile  

What makes Drop box Paper even more functional is that it is available as a mobile app. Therefore, it is very useful for people who work while traveling. Drop-box Paper also allows you to edit documents even if you do not have an internet connection. 

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How to Use Dropbox Paper for Business 

Its collaborative capabilities make Drop box Paper an ideal choice for your business. If you wish to edit any project files, you can grant any individual on your team access to those files. After that, you can create and edit the files with your teammate. Drop box Paper also allows you to notify other team members, add comments, and many other valuable functionalities.  

If you are dealing with sensitive content and security is a significant issue, then Drop-box Paper has your back. All you need to do is upgrade your Drop box account to a Dropbox Business account. This will give you a host of security features to secure your sensitive data. These features allow you to select an admin who will have access to the entire project. You can customize content sharing and be selective about granting permission to other team members.  

However, one must remember that Drop-box Paper is still in its early phase. Hence, essential security features like device approval, enterprise mobility management, full network control, etc., are still missing.  

Drop-box Paper provides an intuitive and easy-to-use workspace for managing your data collaboratively. While it may lack a few security features, it will undoubtedly be useful for your business and can help your enterprise reach the next level.  

What Makes Dropbox Paper Unique  

What differentiates Dropbox Paper from Office 365 and Google Apps is that it supports code snippets and rich media. You can easily incorporate video or add a music file to a document in Dropbox Paper. You can either copy-paste the URL or drag and drop the file. Drop box paper also supports various rich media embeds, including Instagram, Spotify, YouTube, Twitter, SlideShare, and Drop box files. Moreover, you can also add code snippets to your documents directly, making Dropbox Paper very handy for developers. All this gives Dropbox Paper the upper hand over its competitors.   

As we can see, Drop box Paper is a very easy-to-use cloud-based collaboration tool that takes care of several business requirements. Apart from its easy interface, it is also packed with numerous features like dynamic documentation that are missing from its rivals like Office 365 and Google Docs.  

However, Drop box Paper is far from perfect. It has several limitations and lacks essential features like constant support and security. While you can upgrade to Drop box Business to tackle such issues, features like these are incredibly crucial when handling sensitive information. But hopefully, there will be some upgrades from Dropbox Paper in the future. Overall, we can say that Dropbox-paper is a highly capable online workspace suited for most business purposes.  

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