WomELLE Female Founders Voice Awards of 2022

WomELLE Female Founders Voice Awards of 2022

WomeELLE will present the Female Founders Voice Awards for the second time on December 10, 2022, with the aim to promote and empower female founders and leaders for their vision and accomplishments that have inspired as well as motivated several other women across the United States to become successful entrepreneurs. 

Female founders are a minority in the start-up ecosystem not only in the United States but across the globe. This fact prompted WomELLE to launch the first Female Founders Voice Award in 2021 to honor successful female founders as positive role models. This has also set an example for other organizations to emulate WomELLE in recognizing and honoring women who have contributed greatly to our society, culture, and business. 

The Female Founders Voice Awards are carefully handpicked from nominees’ submissions. To nominate a candidate whom you consider best fits the profile required for a category; please use the form below. If you have any questions or need help, contact us for additional questions.

The categories for the awards include: 

  • Female Thought Leader of The Year 
  • Female Founders of the Year 
  • Woman Leader of the Year 
  • Entrepreneur of the Year 
  • Woman Helping Women 
  • Best Business Coach 
  • Podcaster of the Year 
  • Start-Up of the Year 
  • Woman of the Year 
  • CEO of the Year 

We, at WomELLE, have nominated five outstanding women for the Female Founders Voice Awards 2021. They include four successful businesswomen and a woman leader.

The five nominations are as below: 

  • Na'ilah Amaru - Female Thought Leader of the Year;  
  • Ami Shah - International Female Founder of the Year; 
  • Tamara Johnson - Start Up of the Year;   
  • Tracey Kearse - Female Founder of the Year; and   
  • Margo Lovett - Podcaster of the Year. 

Below are brief introductions of the five illustrious women nominated by WomELLE for the  Female Founders Voice Awards 2021.  

AMY SHAH is a marketing professional working with two well-known hotels in Sydney as well as managing a growing digital marketing agency. She started with Marketing Hues in 2019 with a clear vision of helping brands overcome the real struggle of getting their brand online and communicating with their audience while running a business. Keeping in mind all problems faced by brands today and eliminating them, Marketing Hues was born. This is not just any other agency, but it promises the customers quality while taking care of their budget. Her mission is to not only support other women in the business but also empower them to become what they are truly capable of by offering female entrepreneurs up to 20% off on all the services.  

MARGO LOVETT is the creator and host of Her Business Her Voice Her Conversation, a podcast streaming worldwide on iTunes, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Apple Podcast, and Spotify. Conversations with successful reinvented women and men have given birth to global resources for the baby boomer female, who will or has left corporate life and is looking to reinvent herself becoming a podcaster, author, or entrepreneur. After 26 years of employment, Margo followed her passionate hobby, internet radio. In 2017 Her Business Her Voice Her Conversation’s first show was launched – designed to support and hold accountable those planning or during the reinvention process. 

NA’ILAH AMARU is a nationally recognized advocacy and policy strategist with an established record of social impact in both government and nonprofit sectors. With over 20 years of civic leadership, she is a fierce advocate for building grassroots governing power among underserved populations, women, and BIPoC communities. Her extensive portfolio across five U.S. states is marked by expertise in crafting and executing issue campaign strategy, government relations, and coalition building at the local, state, and national levels. Her interdisciplinary career has positioned her as a powerful voice on enacting a more accountable government and inclusive democracy while providing unique insights around women in politics, racial and gender justice, and civic engagement. From local neighborhoods to the State House and Capitol Hill, Na’ilah is a disciplined tactician who has worked tirelessly to transform ideas into action and policy.  

TAMARA JOHNSON is a self-taught Lake County Rural Artist specializing in fluid and mixed media works of art since 2018. From her Home Studio, Tamara uses resin and acrylic fluid art techniques to create mindfully inspired wall art, home decor, and jewelry that embraces nature invokes thought, and brings real experiences with every piece created. Tamara having no formal training has let artists like Jackson Pollock and Helen Frankenthaler inspired her to play with different mediums to create pieces that can capture your imagination. Tamara believes that art lives with all of us and allows us to share just a little of our true beautiful talents.  

TRACEY KEARSE is the founder, CEO, and Chief Chemist of AcARRE™. She is an esteemed chemical engineer who has worked in product development and marketing for over 15 years. While working for a skin and hair care company, Tracey was approached by a friend looking for a product that she could use on her scalp. At this time, Tracey’s sister also came forward requesting a high-quality multi-use product for her face and scalp. These inquiries planted the seed for Tracey to develop a product with multiple uses for skin and hair. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, the decision to begin her company was a natural one, and soon AcARRE™ was formed. Shortly after starting AcARRE™, Tracey discovered she was expecting her first child. Becoming a mother, working full-time, and being a business owner, inspired Tracey to develop multi-use bioactive products made from natural ingredients for balance to the skin, for the beauty minimalist.  

It is pertinent to mention here that the award brings together the values of American entrepreneurial spirit and the activities of WomELLE in the context of entrepreneurship and diversity/women in leadership. The Female Founders Voice Awards by WomELLE recognize achievement in every facet of the workplace. If you know any woman who has contributed to and achieved great success in the field of business and leadership, you can nominate them for the awards before September 10, 2022.  

For a business to be nominated for the award it should essentially be founded and run by women leaders or be women-owned for-profit businesses operating for at least one year. Moreover, the business must be privately owned, and 100% owned by a woman. (No exception). It should also have less than 250 employees or have gross revenues of less than $20 million. 

Also please don’t forget to join us at the awards ceremony on December 10, 2022. 

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team

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