10 Bite Size Ways to Lose 10 Pounds

Tamara Johnson
10 Bite Size Ways to Lose 10 Pounds

I am starting my lifestyle change and a part of that is getting in shape and making better healthy choices. Yes, in the short terms Losing Weight.

Weather you are just starting out on your weight lose journey like I am or trying to lose those last ten pounds, losing weight can seem the hardest. Which can lead to discouragement, and stress. Then you give up! And we can’t have that! 

Rather than trying to lose a large amount of weight, you’ll have better results if you attack your weight challenge into bite size pieces of 10 pounds at a time. This is a much more manageable and believable goal for your mindset. The greatest part about this is you’ll only need to make a couple of small changes to achieve it. 

Then you can set another goal to lose another 10 pounds. Just keep going until you’ve reached your weight goal. 

Do the minimal amount to lose 10 pounds in a reasonable amount of time. The fewer changes you make, the easier the changes will be to maintain. The fewer changes you make, the more changes you can make in the future. If you use every trick and tactic right out of the gate, you’ll run out of tools to use in the future. 

Losing 10 pounds is a lot easier physically and mentally than losing 60 lbs. Try Setting a 10-pound weight-loss goals until your target weight is reached. A few small changes can be enough to see real results.  

And remember to always consults your health care professional before changing your diet and starting a new exercise retain. Better safe than sorry. 

Easy tips to Lose 10 pounds with less stress and effort 

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  1. Drink fewer calories. If you drink calorie-containing drinks, it’s easy to consume a lot of calories without your awareness. Switching to water is an easy way to save yourself several hundred calories each day. You can flavor it with fresh fruit. 
  1. Walk. Hitting the gym could be even better but be certain you’re walking each day. We’re meant to move around more than most of us do. If you have foot or leg problems, swimming is an excellent alternative. 
  1. Eat slower. You’re much less likely to overeat if you eat slower. Pay attention to the food in your mouth and chew thoroughly. Avoid watching TV or playing on your phone while you eat. Give your meal your undivided attention, eat slowly, and you’ll eat less. 
  1. Reduce your intake of processed carbs. These are also loaded with calories and are unhealthy food choices. These include things like cookies, crackers, bread, and pasta. 
  1. Stop eating after dinner. After two or three meals, your body has had enough. Eating after dinner is unnecessary and can cause a host of problems. Eating a lot and then going to bed isn’t optimal for your weight or your health. 
  1. Sleep more. Studies show that tired people are attracted to fattening foods more than the well-rested. A lack of sleep also contributes to metabolic issues that make it harder to maintain a healthy weight. 
  1. Eat at home. Eating out and being healthy is challenging. You can save a lot of calories and money by staying home for your meals. 
  1. Weigh yourself daily. When you measure something, the thing you measure changes. Weigh yourself each day and average your weight at the end of each week. You might find this is enough to move your weight in a positive direction. 
  1. Eat more vegetables. With few exceptions, vegetables are low in calories and high in bulk. You’ll feel full without expanding your waistline. Follow your mom’s advice and eat more vegetables. Here’s a Idea grow your own! 
  1. Carry your own snacks For ages, we’ve been told to eat three meals a day. However, with a busy life we can miss the mark on eat three meal sometimes leading bad food choices, Instead Make small packs of nuts and seeds, fruits, plain yogurt, sprouts, dark chocolate or cubes of cheese. This will  keep you on track. 

Losing 10 pounds is a lot easier physically and mentally than losing 60 lbs. Set a series of 10-pound weight-loss goals until your target weight is reached. A few small changes can be enough to see real results.  

I hope that by just add a few of these tips to your life until you’re losing 1-2 pounds each week will help you reach your 10 pound destination with less stress and effort.  

For your best results, take your time and make permanent changes to your lifestyle. 

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