WomELLE 2023 Award

Dr. Chaneé Danielle Hawkins Ash

Founder and CEO of The Cornerstone Concept®

Top 5 Women Coaches 2023

Dr. Chaneé Danielle Hawkins Ash, Founder and CEO of The Cornerstone Concept® and Co-Founder and Principal of Foresight Strategy Solutions, is a model of transformative coaching and leadership. Her journey to being one of the Top 5 Women Coaches in 2023 is a narrative of self-discovery, purposeful impact, and empowering others.

Education and Career

Completing her Ph.D. was a significant academic achievement for Dr. Hawkins Ash, marking the beginning of an extraordinary journey of self-discovery. Her career, rich in diversity, has seen her making meaningful contributions in various capacitiesfrom a union organizer to a university instructor and a researcher. Each role has been a step towards the realization of her true calling in coaching and consulting. 

Defining Success and Fulfillment

For Dr. Hawkins Ash, the most significant achievements in her career are not the accolades or recognitions but the transformative moments she witnesses in her clients. From overcoming imposter syndrome to empowering personal lives, her fulfillment comes from the impactful changes she fosters in others’ lives. 

Credentials and Contributions

Holding a Ph.D. in Education Policy, Organization, and Leadership, Dr. Hawkins Ash is also a certified Community Mediator and has undergone extensive professional coach training. Her contributions include national initiatives for African-American participation in STEM fields and addressing educator burnout and retention issues. 

Dr. Chaneé Danielle Hawkins Ash embodies the essence of a transformative leader and coach. Her journey underscores the importance of aligning one’s career with a deeper, more holistic purpose, and her impact extends far beyond conventional achievements, touching lives and fostering profound personal and professional growth. 

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