WomELLE 2023 Award

Rachel Brissenden

Founder of Elixir of Life

Social Impact Award

Rachel Brissenden, the Founder of Elixir of Life, has been recognized with the Social Impact Award from the Female Voice Awards by WomELLE for 2023. Her diverse career spans the credit industry to the innovative Web3 space, showcasing her adaptability and commitment to making a positive social impact. 

Rachel’s entrepreneurial journey began with establishing her own LLC, followed by a significant role in the credit industry, where she honed her skills in strategic growth, affiliate marketing, and team building. Her experiences in finance led her to explore the potential of blockchain technology, further diversifying her expertise. 

Rachel’s foray into Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) marked a significant shift in her career. She engaged in communities that embraced decentralized business models, contributing to the success of multiple DAOs. Her roles have included leading Ambassador DAO, scaling educational events globally, and working on Sustainable Development DAO to reduce environmental impact. Rachel also contributed to the Bridge Builders DAO, focusing on community education in Web3 concepts. 

Rachel’s skills extend to public speaking, hosting events, and leading marketing initiatives. She has been a speaker at events like “ETHDenver” and participated in “Affiliate Summit West” for networking and collaboration opportunities. Her experience in email marketing campaigns, content creation, and account management further exemplifies her multifaceted abilities. 

Currently, Rachel is dedicated to working in the Web3 space, with a particular focus on growing Opolis, a digital employment cooperative. Her ability to blend business acumen with a passion for sustainability and technological innovation underscores her commitment to creating positive social change. 

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