WomELLE 2023 Award

Ruth Sarah Pearce

Ruth Sarah Pearce

CEO & Founder of ALLE LLC

Top 5 Women Coaches 2023

Ruth Sarah Pearce has carved a unique path in the coaching world, from a shy girl in southeast England to a celebrated CEO and Founder of ALLE LLC. Her journey, marked by curiosity and resilience, has led her to become one of the Top 5 Women Coaches in 2023. 

Educational and Career

Ruth’s academic pursuit in Economic Theory at the University of Bath and the London School of Economics laid the foundation for her diverse career. However, her real calling was realized in computing and project management. Ruth’s accidental foray into project management during a business trip to the US marked a pivotal turn in her career, leading to a 25-year journey across various sectors. 


Ruth’s achievements are numerous and varied. Passing the California Bar Exam and publishing her first book with Berrett-Koehler Publishers are among her most notable accomplishments. Her work in creating LinkedIn Learning Courses for project managers blends her expertise in project management with positive psychology and coaching. 

Growth and Coaching Philosophy

Ruth’s discovery of her passion for group coaching reshaped her career path. Her approach to coaching focuses on empowering individuals and groups, fostering a culture of engagement and positivity. Ruth attributes much of her success to her robust network of connections, emphasizing the importance of supportive relationships in professional growth. 

Personal Life and Interests

Married for over 20 years and a mother and grandmother, Ruth finds joy in her family. She’s a voracious reader, finding solace and inspiration in books. Ruth also embraces a playful and youthful spirit, enjoying activities like cartwheels in the park. 

Ruth’s philosophy is about living intentionally and embracing every momentAs a coach, author, and speaker, Ruth Sarah Pearce inspires and empowers everyone, reminding everyone that life is an ongoing adventure of growth and discovery. 

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