Dr. Stephanie Atkinson-Alston: The Coach Of Coaches

Dr. Stephanie Atkinson-Alston: The Coach Of Coaches

Moving forward each day may mean that the step you take today maybe half of the steps that you took yesterday. Nevertheless, it is a step forward."  Dr. Stephanie Atkinson-Alston 

Being your better self is a big step towards achieving your goals - and in some cases, it can be frightening or seem difficult to know how and where to start that change. Dr. Stephanie Atkinson-Alston noticed this challenge and dedicated her life to helping others overcome it - even before being a certified coach. Her story is a great inspiration for everyone and a must-have on our Women's History Month. 

Multiple career paths towards one goal

After studying at prestigious universities and earning her certificate in evidence-based coaching, Stephanie doctorated. Her professional experience goes above and beyond: she gained it through her training settings in various fields, such as the military, private, and education sectors. 

According to Stephanie, coaching helps the individual who is driven by their goals and motivated to change. She often encounters the misconception that a coach works like a mentor, when in fact, they have nothing to do with each other. "As a mentor, I would say look at what I did and how I did it; this is how you do it." But as a coach, she doesn't tell anyone what to do but supports them with an evidence-based coaching approach. That means she seeks approval from clients before making recommendations or suggestions to them. This helps her clients show how deep they are willing to go with her and develop and secure confidential partnerships.

Energy and motivation are crucial to success

 Stephanie saw an opportunity to reach out to people and show them her progressive mindset. Working as Vice President of Academic Affairs and participating in educational programs has given her a keen eye for what young women in business really need. Participating in these projects has also helped her identify the missing links in academic plans.

"People are resourceful, but most of them do not know that about themselves." They need the right inner energy to seek it out and bring it forth. When people get to know themselves better, it elevates them to a higher level, which lets them showcase their skills better. Advertising yourself correctly is a critical step to achieve your goals," - Stephanie says. People have wonderful ideas, but they also have to well implant them in their career path to success.

To address the deficiencies and counteract them with some helping hand, she wrote her first book, "What They Won't Teach You In Grad School" in 2018.

A new mindset to reach higher

Her second book, which will be printed in 2021, is called “Trippin’ On the Sofa During the Damndemic." The catchy title is based on Stephanie's stories while she was working from home and connected with her friends. This one year offered her a new perspective regarding the future.

We all have been through something that was not positive, especially if we think about last year’s social injustices. However, reflecting is not dwelling.” As she sees it, right now is a great chance to see the base stones of our life that we can build on, even if we are currently sitting on our sofas. 

Stephanie is focusing on supporting businesswomen’s careers to get their feet back on the ground. The dedication of her work as a Coach of Coaches is a wonderful model of showing other women that they can succeed with the right mindset.

Naghilia Desravines

Naghilia Desravines

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