Mirror Moments With Trina Ramsey

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Lesson 1 from Trina’s Book:  Just Do You, A Declaration of Independence from Guilt, Obligation, and Shame.”  Trina Ramsey

Trina Ramsey firmly believes that regardless of age, we never stop growing. Being an active supporter of people in all age groups, she does not leave elderly people, especially women, behind. She is part of the first generation in many years who have the ability to re-imagine themselves. We present you Trina’s story in Women’s History Month!

A childhood lived in shame

‘My mother suffered from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. After multiple attempts, she succeeded at killing herself at her age of 35, when I was only 14.’ – opened up Trina about her childhood trauma that deeply affected her life 40 years ago and ever since. 

Although it might seem that mental illness is only a recently arising health challenge, it is only due to the fact people are unable to understand and speak about it for centuries. It is a miracle and the result of hard work that Trina was able to process her mother’s loss. In fact, she draws strength every day from it and accepts what happened. ‘I know that she is within me. My memories about her stay with me forever.’

Mirror moments

Trina’s experience lies within fundraising. However, she always felt that she is capable of helping her community in a more direct way. Even though she played with the idea of becoming a life coach, she was discouraged by others and herself too. More than a decade ago, while participating in a personal development workshop, she had a fantastic ‘mirror moment’ and an awakening about being afraid to choose the right path. 

According to Trina, many businesswomen are affected by burnout, especially in the non-profit sector’s self-sacrificing requirements. Ever since her moment of reflection, she has one clear goal in mind: to follow her heart’s desire to help others.

In 2017, Trina wrote a book based on her personal and professional life experiences, called ‘Just Do You!: A Declaration of Independence from Guilt, Obligation, and Shame‘, to help women over 40 get out of their comfort zone. People tend to get on autopilot, even more so after decades of trying and failing or doing the same over and over again. The book offers real-life examples and practical tools to overcome self-limitation and work towards a happier, better life.

Coaching during the pandemic

Since 2020’s COVID-19 outbreak happening, many women’s life changed. Previously procrastinated and delayed plans became obligatory and forced—Trina’s mission in these challenging times to support others to be empowered and fight for their dreams. ‘We lost a lot of people last year, and every time you lose someone untimely, it becomes a moment of truth.’ – shared Trina. With professional support, these people can recognize that their lives really matter and start to work towards their true goals. 

While Trina’s coaching sessions are not gender-restricted, she has found that her superpower is speaking the language of the 40+ people the best. And her services are not about turning all her clients into businesswomen and businessmen, rather having eye-opening conversations to excavate their deepest professional desires. 

Overcoming childhood trauma and life-long shame, Trina Ramsey found her dedication in helping 40+ women and men, providing them the right tools to become their better selves and have the desired success in their private and professional lives. Trina is among the most powerful women sharing her beautiful journey with us in Women’s History Month. 

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