How Creativity Coach Diane Giunta Helps Women Rediscover Themselves

  • Diane believes that the ego gets in everyone’s way, even going as far as to characterize it the “ultimate obstacle” in achieving your goals. But the solution is always found from the inside out, according to her.
How Creativity Coach Diane Giunta Helps Women Rediscover Themselves
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According to the Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. It’s also the road to greatness because the innate potential so discovered will pave your way to success.

Creativity coach Diane Giunta recognizes this and helps her fellow women “unearth treasures that already live inside them and the obstacles they face in life.”

Who’s Diane Giunta?

Diane is a creative artist and writer with more than 35 years of work experience as a graphic designer. She calls herself a creativity coach because she uses creative methods from her industry background to help facilitate an environment for others to discover their own unique gifts.

She loves to teach and coach women to find their own story through discovering their inner symbolic world, allowing for an outward artistic expression that is truly their own. She believes this allows for an open and holistic mindset that cultivates compassion for others, because it helps women live a centered and balanced life. She believes she is an expert in this field because she has the firsthand knowledge, the experience, the skills, and the qualifications to equip her clients to find what they are looking for.

Although she is a certified anthropologist and a humanist minister of love, her services do not replace the care of a psychologist or any other licensed healthcare professional. Her inspiring first graphic novel, “The Myth of the Immortal Volcano Goddess,” will be released this November.

How to improve the balance between your inner and your outer worlds

Unbalanced inner and outer lives can cause feelings of fear, anger, insecurity, greed, envy, indecisiveness, submissiveness, and rebelliousness . It can also lead to addictions, obsessions, and false identity anchors. These things can pull you completely off balance and ruin your life forever. In order to balance both, you need to reframe the concept of balance, redefine your inner self and find the gaps between the two.

How to develop yourself and continue to grow

Do you want to achieve more in life? Then you need to develop yourself and continue to grow. To achieve this, you need honesty, daily reflection, a mentor, constant practice, studying seriously what you want to improve, and finding others to push you and train with.

How the ego can get in the way of finding happiness

Ego is your sense of self-importance. We all have one, but it may be the greatest cause of your unhappiness. It can cost you your happiness by making you narcissistic, angry, or revengeful. It can create a feeling of self-depreciation or leave you with a corrupted sense of morality and an impulsive behavior.

How to get through the most difficult moments

Are you currently stuck in your life? No matter what you are struggling with, it makes sense to acknowledge your feelings, accept them, prioritize your self-care, talk about your situation, reimagine your past hardships, avoid toxic people, and ask for help.

How can Diane help you connect your inner and outer worlds?

How Creativity Coach Diane Giunta Helps Women Rediscover Themselves
Coach Diane Giunta

Diane believes that the ego gets in everyone’s way, even going as far as to characterize it the “ultimate obstacle” in achieving your goals. But the solution is always found from the inside out, according to her. You have this solution inside you always, but sometimes you need someone else to help you draw it out.

She’ll teach you “how to love the thing that you hate the most, and in doing so, open up avenues of real reciprocity between your ego and your soul and this inside-out way of being,” and help you learn “techniques to make it a win-win situa- tion for the ego and the soul because the ego will cooperate if it feels like it is going to receive some type of benefit from the interaction.”

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Her online creative art school Shadowland Academy will open in the Fall of 2022 where there’ll be interactive “Art in Play” sessions, discussions, and retreats. Students get to meet physically twice for three days during the year of their enrollment. Everything offered will be working towards revealing and enabling them to connect to their inner gift, the place that is uniquely theirs and holds all the answers they seek.

Diane’s five key aspects to help you pursue your dream

If you want to pursue your dream but do not know how to go about it, here are Diane’s five steps to help you get started:

  1. Dream it: Think big about yourself and where you want to be in the near future. Do not let negative thoughts discourage you. If you grow cold about your dream, reignite your passion.

2. Believe it: Believe that your dream is something possible and believe that it is something you can do. There is no dream too big, and there’s no dream that isn’t achievable once you believe it.

3. See it: Picture the dream and visualize it. See it as something that is already happening. That is something great achievers often do.

4. Plan it: You cannot build something on nothing, and your dream will not just happen without a plan. You need to sit down and develop a plan to help you achieve it.

5. Work it: Work on your dream each day. It will not just happen by itself. You have got to get down and do the work.

You can have everything in this world, but unless you discover your gift—if not by yourself, then with the help from someone else—you will continue to struggle. Are you ready to do that today and live your dreams of being a superwoman?

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