Kayla Solinsky Changes The Face Of K-12 With Model Online School Macbeth Academy

Kayla Solinsky Changes The Face Of K-12 With Model Online School Macbeth Academy
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The importance of K-12 education cannot be overemphasized as it ensures that children are taught the necessary things that will help them prepare for life as a functioning adult. This is because they need to be able to read and write and learn about the world they will enter when they finish school. So, without this primary education, it will be difficult for them to function in today’s society with so much information at their disposal. 

In essence, a K-12 education prepares a young person for their role in the world today as it exposes them to the process of socialization, citizenry, and good moral/ethical mores of the society.  

Unfortunately, this basic education level can elude so many young people for one reason or the other, including but not limited to emergencies. 

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As if she saw it coming, education innovator Kayla Solinsky made a contingency plan for the rainy day. She had established her online K-12 school Macbeth Academy way back in 2018 to take care of today’s growing need for distance learning due to COVID-19.  

According to a recent survey by American analytics and advisory firm Gallup, the proportion of U.S. children not enrolled in a formal school and being taught at home – possibly using online programs – doubled this year, with one in every ten families with school-age children now homeschooling. 

Three years down the line, in the middle of a pandemic, Macbeth Academy has become a force to reckon with in the U.S. online K-12 education space, at a time many traditional K-12 schools are switching to remote instruction without equipping teachers with the right training or tools. 

Founded by “an ambitious leader with a beautiful and radiating personality,” Macbeth Academy is an online school for grades 1-12, fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ASC WASC). It is a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission to support STEAM education, project-based learning, and global citizenship for 21st-century students in grades 1-12. 

An academy is a place “where students find a love for learning” because it prioritizes the provision of equitable distance learning for all students and ensures that students are academically challenged, ever curious, and inspired to improve the world around them. All classrooms have a student-teacher ratio of 1:1 for all students.  

Nationally recognized in the U.S., Macbeth Academy provides a rigorous course offering developed by Stanford University graduates that challenge students at the highest levels. 

On average, Macbeth Academy teachers have 15 years of experience teaching students online. They are all 100 percent dedicated and certified to support courses and clubs, providing continuous communication with parents and students about course effectiveness. 

The school offers excellent GATE and literacy programs for grades 1-12 and provides college courses, dual enrollment programming (part-time or full-time), and advanced placement courses numbering over 10. 

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The academy supports students all across the United States and Canada and provides college prep, SAT, ACT, and college advising for all students. 

With a history of enriching students with online education of the highest quality, Macbeth Academy programs attract thousands of the brightest students worldwide, from published authors, poets, scientists, engineers, world-renowned athletes to professional Broadway actors and actresses. 

Kayla doubles as the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Macbeth Academy. She works with for-profit, non-profit, and government organizations to help the academy grow in a meaningful way. She has overall strategic and operational responsibility for Macbeth Academy’s staff, programs, expansion, and mission execution. She develops an in-depth knowledge of the online learning methods to increase student outcomes, engagement, assessment, and data collection. 

Educated at both Stanford University for a degree in Iberian and Latin American cultures and the University of Pittsburgh for a master’s degree in Latin American language and literature, Kayla has been described as “an asset and an all-around amazing person” because she is a hard-working, intelligent and determined lady with a warm heart. 

Kayla has certifications in gifted education and health insurance from the University of California, San Diego. She was honored as Gates Millennium Scholar by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and received ACS WASC School Accreditation. 

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