Nanette D. Murphy: Beyond the Doom and Gloom of Divorce

Nanette D. Murphy: Beyond the Doom and Gloom of Divorce

Nanette D. Murphy, a certified health coach, author, and founder of the online community, Divorce After Forty , has been working towards empowering women so that they not only survive the pain of going through a divorce but get through it stronger, wiser, and courageous. With the sole aim of guiding, supporting, and encouraging other women to do the same, she founded Live Life Now , LLC , in 2021 to provide women with essential pieces of information to get back on track. Her online community, Divorce After Forty, supports those who are divorced, thinking of filing for divorce, recently filed for divorce, or going through the process of divorce. Nanette’s book ‘ Shattered Dreams and New Beginnings” chronicles her journey of heartbreak, healing, and growth and aims to inspire and give hope to others.  

Listen to this podcast to know more about Nanette and her journey to self-awareness and growth, and how she has become an inspiration to many who are in the same place.

Today, you will learn about:  

  • Nanette’s personal life and struggle with divorce  
  • Her foray into divorce coaching  
  • Authoring a book about her life experiences  
  • Being a coach and not just a counselor  
  • Her online community that supports other women  
  • Future plans and advice to women in similar situations  

Key Takeaways:  

  • Divorce after a long-term marriage is challenging  
  • Dive into self-care to alleviate your pain  
  • Seek help when you feel lost  
  • Navigate mental challenges to evolve and grow  
  • See divorce as a new beginning, not an end  

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