Rachel C. Ybarra - A Visionary Executive Closing the Wealth Gap for Women

Rachel C. Ybarra - A Visionary Executive Closing the Wealth Gap for Women

Rachel C. Ybarra, Founder of Embrace Any Future, is one of the leading ladies helping others bridge the wealth gap. After retiring from her 25-year-long corporate career, she started her entrepreneurial journey to support women and Hispanics.

Rachel C. Ybarra believes financial freedom is necessary and can help elevate each individual in society. She talks about the idea of personal power and financial flexibility. The conversation with her covers her journey and the challenges she faced while embarking on this entrepreneurial path. She also talks about her initiatives to eliminate the wealth gap.

During the conversation, we dive into the four elements of the personal power approach, her plans to help women, the steps we can take to help society further, and the role leaders can play to bring a change in society.

Today you’ll learn about:

  • Rachel’s personal life and how her entrepreneurial journey began
  • What are the challenges she faced
  • Her educational background
  • The initiatives she is taking to eliminate the wealth gap
  • The key aspects she believes in
  • Her future plans and advice for the rising leaders

Key Takeaways:

  • Investing in yourself is the best investment.
  • How financial freedom is important.
  • To help others, first, help yourself.
  • Do not make decisions out of fear.
  • How a financial mentorship can improve your other relationships.

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The Editorial Team

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