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Don’t let your fear of failure cause you to miss out. Because the worst opportunity you’ll face in life is a missed on.” Sharon Ringier 

Event planning is a demanding and challenging role to take, especially if you are in the wedding industry. Running a business in a highly competitive market requires strength, courage, excellent networking skills and consumes a lot of time. Nevertheless, Sharon Ringier, next in line on our list for Women’s History Months, always found ways to support the entrepreneurs and people around her. She is a recognized, award-winning professional who now devotes all her time to enabling other women to live their best lives.

From entrepreneur to mentor

Sharon Ringier’s story starts with a quote from Audrey Hepburn, “Nothing is impossible! This mindset became the credo for Sharon early on. She was raised with a love of religion in an affluent, loving, and grace-filled family. Her role model was her grandmother, from whom she learned to share love and knowledge with those around her.

After starting a boutique wedding planning company in March 1997, she expanded into social and corporate events. Known for her exuberant personality and can-do attitude, she was a popular Special Event Planner. She has helped some of the most recognizable names in music turn their visions into reality, such as the Queen of Blues, Shemekia Copeland. The execution and creativity she has demonstrated in her bridal and event productions have helped make her name known in the bridal and event industry. 

Dedication to support fempreneurs

After Sharon organized her first conference to support women, people began asking, “When will we meet again?” One thing led to another, and she found herself on the wonderful journey of supporting women entrepreneurs. She believes that entrepreneurship can sometimes be an incredibly lonely road, but it doesn’t have to be. Each of us needs a coach for guidance and a mentee to share our experiences with.

People are often hesitant to help others or even ask for assistance with their business for fear that their ideas will be stolen. “First of all, nothing is brand new, and what is for you is for you.” We should not close any doors to potential collaborations or networking opportunities, as these are essential to building future business.

According to Sharon, businesswomen tend to feel they need to do it all. However, keeping a separate personal and professional life is no longer possible. Dealing with today’s work-life balance challenges, issues of social injustice, and the increasingly common Imposter Syndrome are among the hottest topics Sharon addresses through her organizations.

Her dedication to helping small businesses in the event planning industry earned her first recognition, the Outstanding Leadership Award for her years as Chapter President of the Chicago Event Planners Association – and she hadn’t rested since.

Her most recent awards include 2020 Daily Herald Business Ledger Influential Women in Business, 2020 Top 90 Women in Business Blog & Websites for Women Entrepreneurs, 2020 List of Influential African American Business Women You Should Know On Linkedin. 

She received these awards in appreciation of her dedication to mentor and support other female entrepreneurs to live their best life, even in business. 

“I love empowering people; that is just who I am.”

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