Simone Craig - The Journey of Money and Wealth Queen

Simone Craig - The Journey of Money and Wealth Queen

Money management and looking after finances is a broad concept. It is one of the areas that most entrepreneurs often struggle with. Women entrepreneurs, however, face even more challenges because of the lack of mentorship and guidance. Simone Craig started her own venture to help women business owners to fill in the loopholes. She shares tax making and other strategies to help them reach the right path. In this podcast, you will learn about Simone's personal and professional life experiences that shaped her.

Simone shares about her life and how she wasn’t feeling satisfied with the culture of the accounting organizations. She left her corporate job and moved to California to pursue singing and songwriting. She also shares experiences of what happened when she came back and the factors that led her to choose the entrepreneurship path.

During the conversation, she mentions, “If I can do work that equates to the work of three people, I can also start my own business.”

Today, you’ll learn about:

  • What influenced her to choose the path of entrepreneurship?
  • What are the services she offers?
  • How has she been helping women entrepreneurs?
  • How do you set the right mindset?
  • What is the importance of bookkeeping?
  • How has she been helping businesses with bookkeeping?
  • Business journey and programs she offers.
  • Advice for young entrepreneurs.

Key Takeaways:

  • You should improve your mindset as it can have a significant impact on the results.
  • You should always start with bookkeeping and categorize yourself.
  • Learn about the deductions and taxes that your business is entitled to.
  • It is essential to change your approach to life.

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