Stop Limiting Yourself

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There are unmeasurable abundance and opportunity available to us. But sometimes, unknowingly, we get in our own way.   

The unconscious limiting beliefs you carry with you every day are keeping you from the transformation you seek, the body you want, the lifestyle, the business, the promotion, your next best level, love, peace… Everything you desire!  

The truth is, it’s not just you, we all carry around some mindset and belief that keep us from more happiness, more success, more health, and more abundance.  

Some of these limiting beliefs are so embedded in the way we breathe, exist, and move through our day, we have no idea that they are limiting beliefs. It’s through purpose-driven soul searching that we can identify limiting beliefs that have disguised themselves as personality traits.  

For years, I carried around a limiting belief – that I am an introvert. And because I am an introvert, I believed that networking events were hard for me to get through, and not productive or fun for me at all. I settled into the fact that they were scary, and that networking events of all kinds made me uncomfortable. And because I wholeheartedly believed that introverts and networking events did not mix, I rarely went to networking events.  

When I did go to these types of events, I sat in a corner looking scared and being anti-social, and the first opportunity I’d get, I’d run out of there like Usain Bolt. 

This mindset was impacting my ability to meet other professionals in my field and grow my business. An introvert is a shy person who enjoys people, but prefers calm, minimally stimulating environments, and would rather spend time alone. This is all true for me. As a woman, I am a shy homebody. I do not like large crowds, and I’m not a fan of loud people or events. And that is all fine for Rhonda, the woman. But Rhonda, the CEO, needed to reevaluate how she was standing in her own way and limiting her success.  

I took a more in-depth look at my outcomes and results, specifically around networking events, and then I asked myself “Why?”  

Why was I failing at networking events when some of my closest friends and colleagues were thriving at these events?  

Why were they gaining exposure and connecting with other influential industry professionals, and I wasn’t?   

Why were they successful in connecting with others, and I wasn’t?  

The answer, although quite simple, was very hard to face and accept – MINDSET!  

 My mindset (disguised as a personality trait) around networking events was made up of limiting beliefs that were holding me back.  

Darren Hardy, in his book The Compound Effect, says… “You cannot look for what you do not believe in!” 

The reason I wasn’t successful at networking events is that I didn’t believe success was available to me.  I’d created a limiting mindset that limited my success.  

Ultimately, I realized that I was the roadblock. I was in my own way! 

Yes, I am shy, but if being shy and introverted was standing in the way of something I really wanted and knew I’d been called to do, it was my personal responsibility to grow, personally and professionally, alongside my business. I had to become a CEO who could step out of her comfort zone for the sake of her business. Part of this growth included thinking less about what I didn’t like and focusing more on what I needed for the purpose of my bigger picture.   

Once I broke down this limiting mindset and freed myself from its clutches, my outcomes shifted, and in just a few short months, I secured new private coaching clients, booked two appearances, two workshops, one speaking engagement, and met several new contacts and professionals that share my passion for igniting lives. 

All of this from just two networking events.  

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At one of these events, a Women in Business luncheon, I was able to refer someone to a prominent university who was looking for a consultant with this person’s field of genius and experience. Now, a door of opportunity is available to her.  

You see, when I broke down my barrier to success at networking events, (my limiting belief and mindset), not only did new possibilities open up for me, but it also allowed me to be a blessing to someone else.  

The easiest way to uncover a limiting belief that is keeping you from your most extraordinary outcome is to think about the points in your journey where you usually give up on your goals, negotiate your positive long-term results for temporary satisfaction, or quit altogether.  

For instance, a doctor tells her patient to drink more water and less sugary drinks. The patient responds with “I don’t like water.”  While it may be true that the patient does not like water, this is still a limiting belief, disguised as a personality trait, or in this case, a preference. Drinking more water will help fuel the body with a better beverage. But because the patient does not “like” water, they will continue to suffer the byproduct of an unhealthy option.  

Many people are living their lives this way. They’d rather be uncomfortable and unhealthy than step out of comfort zones and pursue a healthy, desirable, and extraordinary outcome.  But for us, purpose-driven types on a mission to change the world with the work we do every day, settling for less and being complacent is unacceptable and not an option.  

What limiting belief are you holding on to that has you stuck, missing opportunities, and living beneath your potential and the abundance that has been divinely ordered over your life? 

Carve out time to do the critical work of self-reflection, self-awareness, and self-correction.  Your new season, new opportunities, and next level depend on it. Once you identify a limiting belief, consider a productive mindset or behavior to take its place.  

Until next month… 

Be Motivated. Be Inspired. Be A Life Ignited. 

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