What Happens When It All Goes Wrong?

What Happens When it all Goes Wrong?
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Not a subject that anyone really wants to consider, but one that is inevitable, that we all experience along the path and that does indeed deserve to be discussed. The reality that at one point or another, and more often than not, several times along your way to success, things are bound to go wrong.  

As an entrepreneur or business owner, (even as an independent contractor or a person who makes their income completely from commission), the buck literally stops with you! This means that if you don’t show up there is no hiding out in a cubical somewhere and still collecting a check on Friday. There are no options except to move forward at all times if you truly choose to be successful and it can be extremely hard at times to remember why you opted to do this as your career versus hiding out in some cubical somewhere.  

Continuing to move forward means also implementing self-discipline, accountability, and at times working well past the point of inspiration. These are the moments we all want to hide, just for a little while, because these are the moments when we question our sanity!  

Why on earth, in a world where you can get a job somewhere and collect a paycheck would any of us make the decision to be in business for ourselves? When the truth is that the majority of business fail within the first five years. Why continue to put it out there and take the next steps, when the climb ever upward can get darn pretty steep and in a heartbeat it can all seemingly go wrong? 

Simple my sweet and talented, motivated and powerful goddesses, because you can’t imagine doing it any other way! So now that we know that, let’s talk about what to do, when it all seems to go wrong.  

Note I said “seems to” go wrong, because that is an important distinction. You may have a feeling that it has all gone wrong, but if you can adjust your reactive mind to accepting it is only the appearance of something going wrong and that it is possible that it will all work out, you will find that you are miles ahead of the game.  

Yes, things go wrong, but simply because they go wrong doesn’t mean you are wrong. Another very important point. When something doesn’t go as planned it is not just because the planner didn’t get it right, it’s because something didn’t end up going in a different direction and one that the planner didn’t think of, it’s not a mistake as much as a life lesson.  

I’m not saying mistakes don’t happen, they do, however what are mistakes except a learning curve pointing you in the direction of what it will take to “get it right” next time. If you are able to wrap your heart, mind and desire around this idea, you will soon discover that when it all goes wrong, seemingly, that it’s really the big neon arrow pointing you in the direction of what it takes to have it all go right!  

I understand that this may sound way to simplistic and having personally lost absolutely everything in the past, I can say without hesitation that while the principles of this idea may indeed appear simple, putting them into practice is not exactly easy. Why? Because most of us have learned, one way or another, to fear failure, to chastise ourselves for every missed step and to beat ourselves up for getting it wrong and to worry about everything.  

Most of us have been taught to play it safe, to have a fall back plan and not to reach to high because we may fall. Yet, despite these not so fabulous life lessons, here you are still going for your dreams and choosing to be different, to stand out and build your own personal success story. By that fact alone you can be pretty certain that every single time something goes wrong, you are absolutely capable of forging forward and making it right.  

How? First, give yourself permission to consider the possibility that you just might have what it takes to succeed and that it’s safe for you to do so. No matter what things look like, say this to yourself as much as you can, and keep saying it. Secondly, be open to solutions coming to you and when in need, ask for help. Be clear however that you only want to ask for help from a qualified source. Thirdly, step away from anything that has you so distracted you can’t think straight and take a time out. This means that you step away and do something nice for you. It may just be a walk around the block and it’s important that you get grounded and feel centered.  

The very last step to take amidst all the chaos in the moment is to release your attachment to whatever you think is happening and find your gratitude. That’s right, I said be thankful. Even if it’s just for the fact that gravity is holding you up and has never let you down! When you find something to be grateful for you begin to lift yourself out of whatever may be happening in the moment and put yourself in a place that feels better. The better you feel the less effort things require and that’s when you are able to see the lesson for what it is and move forward.  

It may take a moment, or a day, or even a year to successfully navigate through solutions, but that isn’t the point. The point is that the more you let go and allow, respond and become, the more willing you are to see the glimmer of opportunity in the darkness, to find wisdom amongst the tears, the more incredible and infallible you become until success is undeniable and you claim your prize. So, the next time it all appears to be going wrong, take a breath and know, it’s only the path of success revealing itself to you. Hold steady and take your next step.  

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