Divya Parekh

I bring over 20 years of rich and varied experiences to my roles as a business positioning coach, influence mastery advisor and a speaker. My professional career includes positions as a university associate professor, scientist, biotechnology professional, and as a global business relationship and leadership coach.

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Interview with Marcia Teperman
Interview with Marcia Teperman

Marcia is a remarkable woman who had several twists in her life. The turns made…

Succession Planning With Equanimity
Succession Planning With Equanimity

Rich sat down at his desk and looked over all the paperwork. He had just…

YOUR WHY The Poor Me Grumpy Queen.

 I often crowned myself “The Poor Me Grumpy Queen.” My world had diminished to a…

How Executives Can Use 'NOW Power' To Effectively Lead Teams
How Executives Can Use NOW Power

Having “NOW Power” means being able to look at any situation without judgement while taking the essential…

Live the Life You Want
Live The Life You Want

Relationship with self is the underpinning of your life’s joy, freedom, and success when you let core…

Develop The Best Team To Get Return On Your Energy
Develop The Best Team To Get Return On Your Energy

Whether you are a leader in your company or work for another, you consciously desire…