13 Ways To Support Women In Tech

15 ways To Support Women In Tech
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Gender inequality is manifested in many societal circles and economic sectors. This includes business, leadership, and their under-representation in specific industries. The tech world is one of the areas where gender disparity is rampant. To break and reverse the cycle of inequality on gender lines, women require support to succeed in tech.

This support can come from men, employers, teachers, and virtually anyone. The support can come in different versions. Here are some of the ways that you can support women in tech.

1. Recognize the various forms of discrimination

This is a form of awareness among people that discrimination comes in many forms. Supporting women in tech entails joining efforts to fight inequality. Understanding the faces of discrimination will make people sensitive. They will realize that what they do can either increase or reduce bias. Men particularly have to understand the various ways that women get excluded. They have to know that anyone can perpetuate the discrimination of one kind or another.

2. Fair hiring policies

Organizations should have human resource persons who value diversity as a practice. They should widen the hiring scope by purposefully looking to find competent tech candidates who are female. This may require attending all-female college job fairs to identify female tech talent and skills. They can also be integrated with professional communities for women in tech. This increases the chances of fetching relevant skills that balance the diversity scale of human resources. Organizations like BBC and Accenture have domesticated women-in-tech-friendly practices. They have received accolades for such dedication and commitment to supporting women in tech.

3. Volunteering to mentor

It is a fact that men are ahead in tech. If you are a man and identify women with the interest and ability to make it in tech, guide them. If you have a platform, offer them to showcase their ability to grow and be seen. With your means, even offer sponsorship to contests, tech fairs, and galas.

4. Crediting women for innovation and creativity.

Women in the past have conceived great tech ideas, but they could not be credited for them. The people around keep quiet, and once it is implemented, credit goes to some man or the organization that owns it. The skills and ideas of women in tech have to be amplified to spur inspiration. Males should practice crediting women and recognizing them for their tech competence and talent.

5. Adopt the 50/50 engagement

This is when working with a woman in tech. Men may come out patronizing and domineering. Instead, be clear on what her abilities are and allow them to flourish. Know your part and keep a partnership of support. Let her feel needed and resourceful.

6. Nominate women for tech awards

Women should be given opportunities to receive accolades for shining in a male-dominated arena. It is important to encourage them to apply as well for industry awards. The award organizers should also make efforts to let women win them frequently. Let women experience success in the tech industry.

7. Encourage them to start a tech business

Expose them to ideas on how they can commercialize their skill. Open their eyes to the opportunities to run tech start-ups. Guide them in the way they can optimize their skills.

8. Building the confidence of women

Venturing in tech corporate requires self-belief in women. Women who have founded tech firms have gone through programs tailored towards building the confidence of women. WomELLE organization is an example of such a program.

9. Panels that showcase the diversity

It is vital to also put women in the position where they can determining what happens in tech. It is inspirational when during talks, symposiums, and tech conversations, women are included as panelists. They should also be offered adequate speaking time to ensure that women’s voice in tech matters is heard.

10. Measuring support to women

Tech organization has to evaluate its support system towards women constantly. It has to check the ratios of women to men, their positions, and the promotion rate. Surveying to get feedback on women’s satisfaction can lead the organization to strategize on empowering women. Evaluate the equality metrics that indicate support to diverse members of the organization.

11. Networking

Women in tech should belong in a network of others who are walking the journey. Peer mentorship is vital as it helps in guiding one another in overcoming hurdles. It also reduces one’s isolation, and one gets to see others’ experiences in the industry and learn from them. It is also an opportunity to support each other.

12. Invest and create opportunities for them

If you are an investor, pay attention to women entrepreneurs, particularly those braving male-dominated sectors like tech. Believe in their ability to turn the tides and break into the mainstream. You can help as a powerful influencer offering a platform for women to succeed in tech.

13. Offer the moments in the spotlight

If you are a leader and women with tech skills are part of your team and are well equipped, step back and let them do the presentation. Build them by exposing them and letting them be seen. Women also need the visibility that fans their personality and urges to bring out the best of themselves.

You have to understand what you can do in your position to help support women in tech. Supporting them means allowing them to realize their highest potential.

Partner with women equally. Women entrepreneurs should find the support to venture into the industry and with lesser difficulty. Offer mentorship, encourage them to turn up at significant events and take opport

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